Air standards aim to eradicate most of our air pollution problems. And we can only achieve that by talking less about it and adopting a solution-oriented approach.

The United Kingdom and its European compatriots are taking a stand and dealing with these air pollution problems with a comprehensive plan. A plan which has the following enshrined in its memorandum: Standards, objectives, target values and limit values. Standards and objectives are the two main elements of the UK’s air quality plan. You can find these target values included in the 2010 Air Quality Standards Regulations.

air standards

Air Quality Standards are concentrations measured over a certain period of time which are deemed acceptable based on scientific knowledge of the effects of each pollutant on human health and the natural world. They are also used as a barometer to determine if air pollution is improving or worsening. But how can you incorporate these air standards in your own space and do they improve morale within your stuff members? Build safer spaces and healthier communities to find out. Keep your workspace clean and make sure everyone within that vicinity feels special knowing that their health and the space is being made a priority. You can follow a guideline when creating a safe indoor space provided by an organisation called WOSHIE. They specialise in assisting you create these clean indoor spaces – at a commercial level, transportation and individual workspace.

Meeting acceptable air standards is important. If you want a more cost-effective approach instead of having to renovate your entire space, you can just use air purifiers. Some look smaller than their enormous functionality, do not let that fool you into believing that they are not cut out for the job. You can test the space’s purification using a few devices out there. For now, you can try “Reset Build’s Monitor”, it will give you a live feed on whether your air is still fresh or getting contaminated.

Ultimately, we all have our roles to play, be it individually or at an international level. Air pollution affects everyone living in this planet and it is about time we take it seriously.