Think about your day. How much plastic do you go through? If you start to keep track of it, it might end up being quite a lot, and quite a lot more than you want to admit to yourself. There are plastic wraps on things you purchase at a grocery store. There are plastic bags (although, fortunately, many more places are banning these entirely). And then there are plastic bottles.

For decades, plastic bottles have been the go-to for those pass-through spots such as at a venue or while you’re travelling. But where does all that trash go? Unfortunately, it’s piling up in landfills, it’s ending up in natural spaces, and it’s filling up our oceans. In addition, creating that plastic is inherently wasteful. So stopping or reducing use of it is incredibly important.

What do you need to know about this important issue and what can you do? This graphic from Waterlogic explains it:

Banning the Plastic Water Bottle & Bottled Water Culture

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by Mark Barber, July 2019: visit for the full article covering the impact of single use plastics on the environment, animals, and people, plastic water bottle usage across the globe, and what we are doing—and can do—to reduce plastic water bottle waste.