Tops Nurseries have stopped using anti-bacterial cleaners in the nurseries with the deliveries and training of all the nursery managers. The reason for the big change is that evidence has shown that removing all bacteria from children’s spaces is a cause of allergies, as all the good bacteria in their bodies is killed as well as the good bacteria, depleting immune systems. The new product is “advanced and innovative technology” and is based on natural bacterial cultures that are specially selected to quickly decompose organic matter. These cultures maintain a balance between the quantity of grease, soil and dirt captured daily and its elimination by biodegradation, it basically eats up the bad bacteria and replaces it with good bacteria. As a result there reduced natural world stress and impact of the product compared to our previous products, it has low aquatic toxicity and is readily biodegradable in about a month in the water.

The blue bottle is for any surfaces above the ground, such as tables, chairs, potties, nappy changing, doors, glass, windows. You can smell it if it goes off.

The clear bottle is for carpets and fabrics, can go in carpet machines, or as a pre-spotter to clear strains.  You can smell it if it goes off.

The pink one is an acidic calcium scale remover, for bathroom sinks/toilets use, made from lactic acid rather than hyperchloric. Two dilution rates, one for heavy duty and one for light use (heavy recommended as its quicker). Fill bottle up spray bottle and add 8 pumps. Use it as a jet rather than as a mist and avoid spraying over head to avoid inhaling it or it dripping on your clothes. Shower heads need to be removed and soaked periodically for about 30 minutes.

The yellow bottle is for floor cleaning (1 pump of  water), don’t use too much as that works worse and causes sticky floors. You can smell if its goes off.

The white bottle is for the kitchen. Steridose sanitizer, not a bio product, diluted 10:1 in the sprayer from a 50l container, 2 pumps in a 750ml sprayer.  Contact time is 30 seconds.  Replace it every month from scratch to make sure it is fresh. Won’t be able to smell if its gone off. This is a corrosive and a damage to the natural world, which isn’t ideal but needed in a kitchen where there is a risk of raw meat. Use with gloves ideally (not one use).

On a monthly basis take everything apart, and clean with warm water, discard remnants in the bottle to avoid having the incorrect dilution.

The product comes large super concentrated bottles, which are then diluted using a special self-dosing dispenser, making a dramatic reduction in the transportation, packaging and water usage versus our previous chemicals. It also enables reduced energy usage because the water for the cleaning does not need to be heated. Cold water is better for this produce, but anything over 60 degrees will render the product inactive, as it would kill the bacteria.

The bottles that the product come in are from green Polyethylene, which is a plastic made from ethanol sugarcane, which is more sustainable than plastics made from oil. The bottles can be recycled within the same chain of recycling of traditional polyethylene. As the company is against eating sugar cane, our menus are sugar cane free, and we don’t recommend others eat it, we do not feel that we are contributing to the world food shortage by using this product. I intensive bottle is equivalent to about 200 of our previous bottles so this product will save enormously on our waste. We have asked to return our bottles to biovation for zero waste, but they aren’t in a position to do this – yet. Each bottle of dilutant costs about 7p, a saving of about 90%. Sugar cane captures Co2, ethanol production, green ethyulene and green polyethylene production, transformation of the green polyethylene into green products, buy green products, 100% recyclable, lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Tenswall wood grain essential oil diffusers.

Green TM Polyethelene is made in Brazil, by Braskem, and its partners have been recognised and won awards form prestitious laboratories and institutions due to their development of the renewable products market, and due to innovation and the natural world preservation.

To reassure colleagues on the cleanliness, a machine to measure RLUs (cleanliness) was demonstrated before and after using the product, with a 10 second contact time. Anything under 500 is deemed safe to eat from, and the table in the classroom was 515, and it was reduced to 81. Because it is bio, and some would still be left on the surface, it will continue to work, leaving good bacteria at work.

Relative Light Units (RLUs)

Sterilizing tablets – Steridose tablets, 1 tablet for 2 ltrs of water, 10 minutes for viruses.  Chlorine based, same as Milton, about 1/6th of the price. Don’t mix them with anything else, and discard after use to avoid.  Safe against vibro cholera, streptococcus faecalis, adenovirus Type 5, Polivirus Type 1

Complies with EU regulations,not regulated as dangerous goods.

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