Risk Benefit:

As a company we believe have a sustainable vision for a healthier and greener environment. Making wipes within the nurseries is more sustainable and teaching the staff, parents and children how to be more environmentally friendly. This promotes discussion on what impact and effects using disposable wipes might have on the environment, animals and ourselves. It gives them an opportunity to be proactive in reduce, reuse, recycle and take care of the world we live in.

1 Making wet wipes Cuts, scalds, slips Staff


L L L When cutting up the wet wipes, ensure you use a chopping board. Cooled boiled water over 40°c should not to be taken into the rooms. Any spillages of water and oil based liquids are cleaned up immediately (soapy water will be needed for oil based). All bottles used to make wipes are stored away from children and lids are firmly in place. A
2 Essential oils Sensitive skin Children L L L Essential oils not to be used with children under the age of 6 months due to the sensitivity of their skin. A
3 Chamomile & Tea tree oil ingesting Toxic Children M L L Although chamomile and tea tree oil is safe for adult to ingest the essential oils are not safe for children and the bottle should be kept out of reach. If ingested do not induce vomiting and seek medical advice. A
4 Aloe Vera Children


L L L This allergy is most common in people who are allergic to plants in the Liliaceae family (aloe vera is a part of this plant family). Plants in this family are – lilies, onion, garlic, hyacinths, and tulips. If a rash appears to stop using. A
5 Tea tree oil



Irritate to skin or toxic (absorbed into the skin and into bloodstream) , allergies Children


M L L Dilute tea tree oil before use on infants. Contact with eye – flush with running water, change in vision – contact eye doctor. When used as a topical treatment, tea tree oil can cause skin rashes, inflammation and redness, burning, itching or skin discoloration that is often the result of an allergic reaction. While tea tree oil is often used as a diaper rash solution, infants with sensitive skin are more susceptible to skin rashes and may not benefit from tea tree oil. Infants with a prior skin disorder such as eczema may experience a more serious rash or reaction. Discontinue use if a skin rash or redness occurs. Reaction usually shows within 15-30 mins of application. A
6 Castile soap



Skin irritation Children L L L Avoid fragrance castile as this can cause allergies and dermatitis. For baby skin, soap should have a PH factor of no more than 7 as children PH level is around 5.5. A

Key to result: T=Trivial risk   A=Adequately controlled  N=Not adequately controlled  U=Unable to decide, further information required


Risk Rating: Once the likelihood and severity have been determined, the risk can be calculated below (AxB)
  Likelihood (B)
Low Low Low Medium
Medium Low Medium High
High Medium High High