EY EDUCATION for Sustainable Development

“Sustainable Development is essentially concerned with the future, and it is young children who have the greatest stake as citizens in that future … young children are already competent, active agents and they are both capable, and required by circumstance, to engage with complex environmental and social issues that affect their lives.”

So say John Siraj-Blatchford and Valerie Huggins in their 2015 article ‘Sustainable Development in Early Childhood Care and Education‘ published in The Early Education Journal (Summer, No 76).

John and Valerie run Poole-based SchemaPlay, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that produces publications, resources and training opportunities for Early Childhood Education. The company is committed to an early childhood educational philosophy and practice that is grounded in Education for Sustainable development (ESD).

Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award

SchemaPlay also works with OMEP UK, a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the Rights of the Child, on the recently launched Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award. The Award has been developed to support a wide range of early childhood providers including childminders, preschools, and nurseries who are working with parents in supporting the objectives of Education for sustainable development in early childhood.

More at http://www.omep.org.uk/omep-uk-early-childhood-sustainable-citizenship-award/

OMEP UK welcomes ESC Award registrations from all those working with young children via email at escomepuk@gmail.com

OMEP-UK Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award

Download the ESC Award leaflet

ESD in the Early Years – Resources

SchemaPlay offers the following list of resources for those interested in discovering more about Education for Sustainable Development in the Early Years:

OMEP UK Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award

OMEP UK Curriculum Resources


Schemaplay Publications

SchemaPlay Facebook

Free to download OMEP-UK booklet: Education for Sustainable Development in the Early Years

Education for Sustainable Citizenship in Early Childhood
by John Siraj-Blatchford & Lynnette Brock (Authors, 2017)

Available from Amazon Books

International Research on Education for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood
by John Siraj-Blatchford, Cathy Mogharreban & Eunhye Park (Editors, 2016)

Available from Amazon Books

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