Children are very fragile beings who are sensitive to almost everything, which is why we must go the extra mile in ensuring their safety and health. Allergy season is at our doorstep. With changes in the weather, often we see children experiencing more sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge. Thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection therefore becomes a necessary measure to alleviate the risk of illness and to keep children healthy. However, detergents can be toxic to our health and natural world because of the chemicals they contain in their ingredients. With children as part of our households, these chemicals are hazardous. Children are more susceptible to the damages these chemicals may cause because their organs are still developing. Children can get exposed to these toxic chemicals through inhalation, skin and eye contact, and digestion. It is therefore encumbered upon us to take precautionary measures for their protection and use safer detergents when preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria, or even when doing their laundry. When doing routine cleaning, we ought to employ the use of eco-healthy cleaning products that are certified by prominent third parties such as: Green Seal, Ecologo, and EPA’s Safer Choice. The certifications help us ascertain which products are safe to use in an natural world which children frequent. We should prioritise our children’s health, and these product certifications go a long way in making sure of that. Sometimes we do not even know the actual ingredients in these cleaning products, but because of the trust we’ve bestowed upon these certifications, they are now synonymous to what is deemed acceptable. Memorise the stickers and make sure to double check the product on the shelf before putting it into your shopping cart. No allergy is too small when it relates to a child, therefore every little detail matters for that reason, when purchasing these cleaning products.