Festival of Early Years – Cheryl delivers a webinar with live Q&A 18th November

13 November, 2020 | Uncategorized

Sustainability in our time: An Early Years perspective

18th November

Cheryl’s Keynote speech from 9.30 – 10.15
Followed by a Zoom Social with live Q&A from 10.30-11.00

The webinar will tell some of the story of Cheryl’s inspirations and actions towards becoming a more sustainable early years setting and offers practical and pragmatic inspiration to others in the sector.

The basic premise is that no one is too insignificant to make changes themselves, and to thus inspire changes in others in our sector, and at home/in our community that can improve future outcomes for children and for the planet.  Many actions can save money too and therefore help the setting to become more financially and socially sustainable as well as environmentally.

Learning objectives:

  1. No one is too insignificant to make changes that can help the planet, and some changes even save money.
  2. Who you are, and what yours and your colleagues and children’s interests are can ignite the passion for making changes.  This is a call to reflect and to act in line with the Ofsted 3 Is – intention, implementation, impact in order to provide more sustainable early years education.
  3. Where/how to access resources to guide and inform colleagues in the early years in order to help them to progress on their own sustainability journey.