Nurseries are being encouraged to write to their local MPs now to gather support for the Nappies (Natural World Standards) Bill, which aims to reduce single-use plastics in disposable nappies and cut costs for local government and parents.

The Bill which promotes reusable nappies was presented to Parliament by David Linden MP for Glasgow East in March 2019 and was followed by a meeting on 11 June in Westminster.

One disposable nappy equals 7 plastic bags

David Linden said: “People may not know that the average daily use of disposable nappies has the same natural world footprint as seven plastic bags.

“The Nappies (Natural World Standards) Bill has real potential to help empower parents to make informed choices about the nappies that they use for their children, as well as cutting waste costs for local councils and making a huge reduction on single-use plastics that end up in our natural world.”

The Bill advocates that parents should be informed of the natural world’s harm caused by disposable nappies and be made aware of the financial advantages of reusable nappies for families and local authorities.

It is also intended to incentivise local authorities nationwide to roll out reusable nappy voucher schemes, such as the Real Nappies for London scheme, to reduce disposable nappy waste.

The Bill is supported by the Nappy Alliance, a trade association of reusable nappy manufacturers, who want parents to receive more information about reusable alternatives.

Guy Schanschieff, chair of the alliance, said: “Reusable nappies have increased in popularity in recent years but there is much more that can be done to support and entice new parents, by giving them more product information and ensuring that they are not be misled by so-called ’eco’ disposable nappies which are not natural world friendly.”


Cheryl Hadland has contacted all of Tops Nursery group’s local MPs to get support for the Bill and is encouraging all nurseries nationwide to do the same by emailing their settings’ local MPs.

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Full story at, 18th June 2019 “War on plastic sees nurseries, MPs and parents urged to back green nappy bill