We are living in a world of scarcity, and it is encumbered upon us to do our best at preserving all that we have or finding ways to continuously generate more of it. Thus far, we are not fully operating with renewable energy, only a small percentage of our energy is renewable. So, we need to use it sparingly, which means taking our chances at saving as much as we can for the sake of the next generation – our children. Home and setting insulations do more than just maintaining the room temperature, they prevent excessive usage of energy.

Insulation is not only sustainable natural world practice that needs to be adopted by everyone, but it is also a cost-saving tactic that every household should explore. The Ukraine and Russia conflict has caused energy prices to skyrocket and this discussion about a more natural world conscious usage of energy cannot come at a better time. We are all feeling the economic burden, but at least that is not as bad as not having energy at all. So, let’s be responsible and install insulation to every building that is used as shelter or even for business purposes. Start saving energy immediately.


With insulation in place and your energy usage going down, the future of our children become less bleak. As a greater incentive to mitigating costs, all UK households will get a grant which will reduce energy bills by £400 from October. Initially, this was proposed as a £200 reduction to be paid back in instalments over five years. Now, the discount has been doubled and there is no repayment requisite. In other words, from October, everyone’s energy bill will be reduced by £400. The discount will be made automatically by your energy supplier – hopefully, they will be transparent enough to show how much you’ve saved in the process by displaying the before and after discount figures. Furthermore, the benefit of automating the process is that there is no need to apply because your supplier already has your information.

The £400 will make a huge difference to many households’ finances. Which is why you should install insulation immediately and see the decrease in your household’s energy costs, right now. By the time the grant takes effect, you will be able to see an even greater decrease to your costs altogether. This is a win-win situation for both the planet and everyone else, financially.