Tops Day Nurseries has introduced Eco Eggs to all their settings…

Tops believe this is a sound business decision, because at 0.027 per wash instead of .15 (Fairy Non-bio), .19 (Persil non-bio) and Organic .51, they will be spending only a quarter of what they were spending on detergents, this will save Tops Day Nurseries £1215.25 per year.

The eco eggs contain mineral pellets that ionize the oxygen molecules, lifting away the dirt and grime without fading colours of damaging fibres, softening as well, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, bleaches or ammonia’s so it’s a great choice for washing baby clothes and clothes for eczema sufferers or allergy sufferers.  The ball itself is made from recyclable material – as long as you put it in the recycling – but it should be able to hand it down to your grandchildren as its made of plastic! (10-year guarantee).

To purchase your own Eco Egg, and to browse a number of other sustainable products, please click here.