Viruses have been existing in our world in numerous forms, from harmless ones to the most severe. Immunisation or vaccinations have kept them at bay until recent occurrences. Vaccinations will forever be a topical subject because diseases have been plaguing the planet since time immemorial and they will probably continue to do so, it therefore remains important to protect ourselves against them. Somehow each round of an outbreak seems more severe than the last. Every time a virus is defeated, it reinvents itself and comes back stronger than before. Just like a living organism, it self-actualizes and adapts to its surroundings. If a virus can adapt to its vicinity and try to avoid defeat, then it is only logical that the potential host of that virus also employs the same rationale and protect itself just the same – which is where the conversation about vaccinations come to play. In any war, both sides need to have a strong defence to survive and in a biological war it is no difference. Though vaccines’ efficacies are always going to be debatable, taking the vaccines themselves should not be a matter of choice but rather necessity. We should be debating about which ones works better and not why we shouldn’t take them period. If your goal is to stay alive, then you should be “pro-vaccination”.

Mothers pride themselves in their maternal instincts – how that makes them know what their children always need and how to go about securing it. A child already has a weak immunity and relies on their caregiver to make judicious decisions on their behalf. Which is why it is disappointing to see how unfounded content on the internet is gaining traction and convincing mothers all over the world not to protect the one group of people they claim to know how to protect. Obviously, it does not help that some of the people amongst those who misinform these mothers are qualified medical practitioners. Since they have “studied” medicine, it gives them some form of credibility. They are masquerading as doctors with good intentions, a guise used to put many children in danger of contracting deadly viruses. This is not only inhumane but upsetting as well, considering that mothers who believe these vaccination detractors think they are protecting their children by leaving them vulnerable. It is all a grave mistake, “grave” being the operative word. What makes this appalling is that these detractors are weaponizing “maternal instinct” against these mothers and make them believe that they cannot carry someone for the full term of their pregnancy only to kill them after – by making uninformed medical decisions. Which is ironic, if you think about it, because by heeding their advice these mothers are inadvertently exactly doing that.

virus infected child

One can’t help but be torn apart by all of this because the real culprits of this whole repugnant thing are being held in high regards, whilst children around the world remain unvaccinated. I am no expert, but I believe that if you have seen that no child has died because of an immunisation or vaccination then why wouldn’t you want your own child to be protected as well?

We are a society that is technologically interconnected but we couldn’t be more detached to reality than ever before. This fourth industrial revolution is not making us more sentient or human, but rather grants people with crazy agendas a bigger reach to their target audience in seconds and nothing is more dangerous than that. Off course, do your research and protect your child thereafter. Do not leave anything to chance – when it comes to the little ones, or anyone you love (yourself included), do not compromise.