Planting trees will help save our world and maintain our atmospheric temperatures. Let us all make our institutions and facilities more biophilic. Trees are very important to our wellbeing. As gigantic plants on the planet, they are responsible for more than just providing us with shade. They are responsible for the following: producing oxygen that keeps us alive; store carbon; stabilise the soil and prevent soil erosion; and they also give life to the world’s wildlife. They are even responsible for the materials for tools and the shelters we rely on daily. Not only are trees a vital component to our lives, but as the longstanding species on this rock called earth, they are also somewhat a documentation of our time here – telling a story about our past, present and future. Therefore, it remains critical that woodlands, rainforests, and trees in urban settings – such as Parks, Nurseries, or Zoos – are preserved and sustainably managed across the world.

GECCO) has been planting trees all over our 30+ branches (pun intended), because we understand that every living organism leaves behind some form of carbon footprint in their life’s journey. We felt that it was encumbered upon us to make sure that we counter our footprint by planting more trees and possibly eliminate the damage we exert to the planet that way.


In our tree planting effort, we are planning on planting 3 apple trees, 3 pear trees and 2 cherry trees for every nursery branch. This is not only a good thing in terms of the natural world but it also serves as an educational instrument for the children in our care as well, it helps them understand how caring for the planet is good for everyone and teaches them about where certain food comes from.

The programme is currently at Tops Corfe Mullen, where our wonderful compatriot – Lauren – is leading the initiative, by putting remarkable shifts in planting these trees. She is showing everyone how we can make the world more sustainable.

Trees remain vital to our lives till this very moment, and as much as they have so much usefulness, the last thing we need is deforestation because of timber manufacturers. Unsustainable use of trees means that there will be more carbon in the atmosphere which can in turn increase the world’s temperature over time. Cutting down any plant in a manner that lacks method and not planting them back is outright bad practice. The previous generation has entrusted us with this planet, and it is our responsibility to make sure that it is kept safe and habitable for the next generation as well. Go outside and do your part. Plant a tree!