I’d like to share another commercial decision with you that is good for the natural world, good for our buildings and our children, and saves us money. Great for business!

Hadland Care Group & Tops Day Nurseries are delighted to celebrate the arrival of our first consignment of re-cycled paint, www.paint360.co.uk. It is made from paint dumped at the House Waste Recycling Centres waste paint transfer stations, where it is opened, stirred tested and sorted, then it’s re-engineered into a quality product. And we just get it from our usual building materials suppliers so it’s convenient as well.

Our new contract paint has a minimum of 95% recycled content, saves 100% on the use of water to make paint, saves huge volumes of embedded carbon (1 litre saves enough embedded carbon to drive a diesel transit van 5 miles carbon free) as verified by the Carbon Footprint Company Limited. We use the Anti-Bac Silver Ion technology for 5 year protection against bacteria for walls and ceilings.

We’re also using paint kettles and trays made from recycled cardboard pulp (no need to wash them out), paint brushes and rollers made from recycled metal and plastic with bamboo handles and recycled synthetic hair, and fully biodegradable dust sheets. These have been provided by EcoEzee, who also provide us with our bamboo tooth brushes.

We don’t get any commission from them, nor discount for sharing these links, I just wanted to share a good eco-supplier with you!

Cheryl Hadland

Cheryl Hadland

GECCO Founder & Trustee

Cheryl Hadland (MA Ed) is Managing Director of the Hadland Care Group – an umbrella company for Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team, Bournemouth. In 2018 she was named ‘most influential person in childcare’ at the NMT Top 20 National Nursery awards, and in the same year completed a Sustainable Leadership course at the University of Cambridge. Cheryl is an avid SCUBA diver with many years experience and has seen first-hand the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.