Children and majority of the youth will soon take prominent positions to shift the whole world to a different direction. Biology is on their side, time. It is therefore encumbered upon the present decision makers to cultivate our next generation of leaders to be economically, socially and natural world conscious – for the betterment of our prospective world. This is what “The 5% Club” advocates for.

The 5% Club Movement helps employers see the relevance of taking in potential leaders under their wings and steering them into the direction of business knowledge and community building. The movement advocates for making at least 5% of your total workforce apprenticeships, graduate programs, and other skills training initiatives. The goal is to improve training of the unemployed and unskilled, sharing the practices that make you get to that point, whilst of course satisfying all the organisation’s stakeholders throughout. With everyone contributing to the shaping of the economy and future, as a going concern, the business benefits together with the community it operates in.


Mentorship and apprenticeship changes both the receiving and giving end, because every interaction is an experience for both parties. Sometimes decision makers encounter challenges like having to differentiate between their personal interests and opinions, but they must carry on imparting knowledge upon impressionable minds and choose what is profitable for the overall majority. Nothing is more admirable than putting others first for the good of everyone, and that is the mentality we also practice in our organisation. The risks and challenges mentors face are of a serious nature, especially since we all live in a forever changing and fast paced world. Developing a competitive package for apprenticeship, skills training or graduate programs therefore becomes challenging but decision makers must keep up with that, otherwise, a horde of people suffer because of their inflexibility. For this reason, imparting knowledge and expertise with different people emanating from varying communities and age groups can be an outright scrimmage but nevertheless an undeniable need. Which makes us very proud as people who are being considered doing their part in meeting that need. That is what becoming a member of “The 5% Club” means to us.