The Big EY Debate 2020

15 March, 2020 | Uncategorized

London, 23rd January 2020: The Big EY Debate was organised by Ceeda Research and aimed at setting owners, investors, managers, local authorities, and organisations working with the early years sector. It was also live streamed to a network of regional hosts.

Cheryl Hadland gave a 30 minute presentation which is shared below in full (you may wish to turn up your speaker volume, particularly for the audience input):

Saving Costs and the Planet: A Focus on Sustainability

Investing in quality and sustainability in your early years business

This 19-page E-book was made available at The Big EY Debate; it is edited by Ceeda and brings together a collection of articles from leading sector experts and suppliers, including Cheryl.

Ceeda Research is a leading provider of independent research and intelligence for childcare providers, investors, local authorities and sector stakeholders

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