Today, we’re diving into the excitement of the Big Garden Bird Watch. It’s a wonderful initiative that not only celebrates the beauty of our avian neighbours.

This is an annual event organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). It encourages people of all ages to spend an hour counting the birds they spot in their gardens, balconies, or local green spaces. This nationwide survey helps scientists gather valuable information about bird populations and trends, aiding in the conservation and protection of our feathered friends.

Let’s Get Creative

Bird Feeder Crafting:

Make your own bird feeders using recycled materials. Why not try it at home? Not only does this activity promote sustainability, but it also provides our feathered friends with a cosy spot to refuel.

Why the Big Garden Bird Watch Matters to Us!

The Big Garden Bird Watch perfectly fits with GECCO’s goal of giving children fun and educational experiences. This day has lots of benefits for our little ones. Here are just a couple of the benefits:

Connection to Nature: Engaging with the Big Garden Bird Watch allows our children to connect with the natural world around them. Understanding and appreciating nature fosters a sense of responsibility and care for the natural world.

Learning through Play: The activities we’ve planned aren’t just fun; they’re educational too! Crafting bird feeders, using binoculars, and identifying birds enhance various skills, from fine motor skills to cognitive development.

As we embark on this feathered adventure at the Big Garden Bird Watch, Tops Day Nursery is not only creating cherished memories but also instilling a deep appreciation for the world around us. Through play, exploration, and a touch of bird-watching magic, we’re nurturing future stewards of our planet—one bird at a time. Happy bird watching!