Sustainable practises starts from the little things we do before they spread out to make substantial change. Which is something the “Tops Day Nurseries” settings understand. The children take part in a number of activities, many of which involve the use of gluesticks. To make these activities possible, they purchased 1258 gluesticks last year for their settings. They have since learnt that every time a gluestick runs out, it gets thrown away into general waste and is taken to landfill, where it is then incinerated. Despite being made from plastic, used gluestick containers are not recyclable due to being contaminated with leftover glue!

To fix this problem, and to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, they’re now changing to refillable gluesticks!

These refillable gluesticks have many benefits, including being more environmentally friendly. They also come with another benefit: the boxes they arrive in also get reused! When the gluesticks run out, they simply box them back up into their original packaging and send them back to the supplier, where they are refilled and returned to them. The containers can also be used in many other activities, including being used as loose part collecting tubes and musical instruments.

By making the change to refillable gluesticks, Their settings are no longer producing a mountain of non-recyclable waste!

The life cycle of new refillable gluesticks:

Glue sticks arrive

This change is simple, but it is one of the things which all childcare and education providers should adopt to make the world a better place. It will also teach our children how to be better sustainable citizens of our planet.

Find out more about our Sustainability in Practice here.

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