Water is an essential part of our existence. Most of the things we do daily involves using it. Which therefore makes it a valuable resource to have in abundance and usable condition. Like any other natural resource, it needs to be renewed. We have built hydrologic systems to do just that. They are also responsible for collecting it from natural sources and making it drinkable. That is an indication of just how vital it is to us. Systems in place have made it possible for us to access that water via taps in our different households.

Since tap water involves a lot of resources before it can reach our mouths, it is only logical that we use it wisely. We should find ways to preserve any form of water source we might have. We can use things like rainwater for our toilets and gardening, just to mention a few.


The less water we use, the more we can keep our rivers and streams flowing and nature thriving. If you simply turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, you can save up to £46 a year, per child. From a childcare and education provider’s perspective, we use water for a variety of things as well. If you’re on a meter, taking control of your usage can make a big difference to the amount you pay and overall usage.

You can also participate in things like rainwater flushing public loos, drought tolerant gardens, water butts in community allotments, educational displays in nurseries, or harnessing new technology to change behaviour towards water use. There is a plethora of ways in which one can save this resource and only use it when necessary. Stated above, are just a few tips which we can all explore as nurseries and as individuals.

Every single drop counts and that is why we should not overlook these small initiatives to save and use water efficiently.