Staff at Tops Day Nurseries Head Office have just taken delivery of a second TerraCycle Zero Waste Box™, meaning they can rest assured that even more of their difficult-to-recycle personal waste is being handled responsibly!

Zero Waste Boxes are a convenient solution to storage, shipping and recycling of almost ANY type of waste that isn’t currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities – everything from coffee capsules to styrofoam, art supplies to kitchen waste.

The first Zero Waste Box recently purchased by Tops deals with a wide range of Beauty Products and Packaging waste – including shampoo / conditioner bottles and caps, non-pressurised hair spray bottles and shaving foam dispensers, mascara, eye shadow, concealer sticks and more! The box is left at reception for staff to use for waste they use at work or bring from home.

The success of the beauty waste box led to the most recent purchase – the Oral Care Waste and Packaging box which collects toothpaste tubes & caps, toothbrushes (including electric toothbrush heads) and floss containers – and all their packaging – for recycling.

The all-in-one box – ideal option for home or smaller nursery settings

For smaller operations the most economic and convenient choice would be an All-in-One Zero Waste Box that accepts just about anything – see the poster below. 

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