GECCO, the Green Early Years Choices Champion Organisation registered charity was started as a way to share best practice in caring for children in a sustainable way.  We have sections on activities to do with children, whether you are an early years teacher or a parent,  on things to consider when buying furniture, cleaning materials and toys for children, and on the background to why waste,  global warming and the extinction of animals and plants is a problem now and especially for the next generations.

CHERYL HADLAND, FOUNDER AND MD of TOPS DAY NURSERIES, international speaker on this subject, shares her knowledge and experience, and those of her nursery managers,  colleagues and professionals, so that we can provide a sustainable better world for our children, and their children and teach them how to do the same.  Tops Day Nurseries are the most sustainable group of nurseries in the UK, sponsor the Venus Sustainable Awards, winner of the Dorset Most Sustainable Business Award 2018.  Cheryl founded Tops Day Nurseries in 1990, and how the group includes 28 day nurseries, 20 out of school groups, Tops Forest Schools and continues to expand, sustainably.  Cheryl won the Most Influential Person in Early Years 2018 from Nursery Management Today in the UK.  For more information, please click here.

Cheryl says, “If everyone makes small changes to everyday life we can make a significant difference between us.  Everything we buy, everything we do, should be influenced by whether there is an impact on our environment and on the future of the planet.  This is a journey that we are all on, we are bound to make mistakes, make the wrong decisions, and to do things without thought, so this website and the GECCO facebook page is for us all to share our learning and experiences and to make the world a better place.”