Champions for Change in the Early Years

GECCO is a registered charity, established to promote sustainability in Early Years childcare and education.

Towards sustainable childcare and education

Cheryl Hadland, GECCO founder and Trustee is also the Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries. Tops provides care and education to over 3,000 children that attend the 30 day nurseries, holiday clubs and forest schools she has developed across the south of England.

Sustainable growth is a huge part of Tops success; Cheryl is an outspoken advocate for environmentally sustainable business practice and education. Through GECCO Cheryl and her team aim to share the knowledge, experience and lessons learned as they strive to provide the most sustainable Early Years childcare and education in the UK.

Advice, Support & Resources

Whether you own or run a nursery, are an early years teacher, or a parent or childminder, if you would like to become a more environmentally aware, eco-sustainable childcare provider, you’ll find information here to help you make changes one step at a time.

There’s advice and ideas for adapting your day-to-day decisions and activities. Tips on making more sustainable choices when purchasing anything from vehicles to furniture, from cleaning materials to children’s toys. We publish research of interest, and articles on how plastic and air pollution, even climate change and biodiversity are all things we can address in a childcare setting, for today’s children and future generations. We must take action now!

Let’s Do It!

“If everyone makes small changes to everyday life we can make a significant difference between us. Everything we buy, everything we do, should be influenced by how our decisions and activities will impact on our environment. This is a journey that we are all on, we are bound to make mistakes, make wrong decisions, and to do things without thought. This website and the GECCO Facebook pages are for us all to share our learning and experiences and to help make the world a better place.”

Cheryl Hadland

Real Nappy Campaign

Encouraging awareness about real nappies, enabling their use in nurseries, and inspiring parents to use them at home

Targeting Plastic Pollution

Early years can turn the tap off on plastic pollution - we offer some ideas and inspiration 

Targeting Water Efficiency

It's about reducing the amount of water you waste, not restricting what you use - find out why & how


Thanks for the present work that you are undertaking on plastics / glitter. You are inspirational.

Cllr Chris Wakefield MIH

It is so good to hear of the work that you are doing to reduce the use of plastic within your business, really well done!  Also, of course, you are spreading the word about it which is equally important.

I completely agree with you that this needs to be done far more widely to make a real difference, but each initiative mounts up to produce a fantastic result.

Cllr Jane Kelly