An Introduction to Global Water Wastage

by Utility Bidder

We all know that water is a precious resource, but when it’s needed in so many facets of modern life, from showers to our coffee machines, cutting down on the amount that we use
can seem like an impossible task. The Global Water Waste guide explains the two types of waste water that we should be aware of – water that could have been saved and water that carries waste away from our homes – and looks at how you can make a difference in your own household.

It’s full of interesting and insightful statistics, broken down by region, so that you can really understand what is happening to your water after it leaves your home. For example, did you
know that more than 3 billion litres of water is lost every day in the UK due to leaky pipes? Or that 8 out of 10 UK residents have at least one water-wasting habit? These statistics show that we could all be doing more to help reduce our overall water consumption, and offers easily actionable tips to get you started. It also looks at predictions for the future, how businesses can make a difference, and schemes to follow that are making a difference to the water crisis.

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