CREATING an eco-friendly early years setting

A Practical Guide, by Cheryl Hadland

Cheryl’s book offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a more eco-friendly setting, from small steps that can be taken to reduce waste and improve efficiency to setting up partnerships. It illustrates how sustainable choices can become a natural part of every child’s education and how children, parents and staff can all inspire sustainable behavior across local communities and at national and international levels.

ISBN 9780429445842
Published by Routledge, May 2020
288 pages, 42 colour illustrations

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Feedback for Cheryl’s book

Covering all aspects of practice including colleague and parental engagement, the environment, routines, resources and teaching and learning, the book helps readers and practitioners to embed a sustainable approach in day-to-day practice. It draws on recent research, studies as well as stories of success and failure that can be adapted to fit everyone’s own journey towards a more sustainable world. The chapters address topics such as:

  • plastics and their alternatives
  • sustainable food
  • sustainable resourcing
  • transport and trips
  • waste management

Drawing on the experiences of real nurseries and including a wide range of activities and lists of resources, this is an essential read for practitioners, leaders, policymakers and all settings that want to help make sustainable choices a natural part of young children’s lives.


Cheryl has several book chapters available in full via ResearchGate.

New chapters are uploaded each month, as well as a range of articles from various publishers.

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