We are most likely familiar with the concept and relevance of a plant-based diet, but how about a plant-based wardrobe — what is plant-based clothing, why does it matter, and where can we find it?

“A 2017 report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that 35% of all microplastics in the ocean came from the washing of synthetic textiles like polyester. These tiny fibres and flakes of plastics come off clothes in the washing machine and end up in our rivers, lakes, seas. After being digested by wildlife, bioaccumulate through food chains and back into human digestive systems. This is not good. Immediate change is as simple as making clothes from plants, not plastic. It’s why it’s important to us to use natural materials like organic cotton. Natural materials are compatible with nature and they’re a solution to pollution.”

We collaborated with our partners at Just One Ocean in the joint effort of promoting plant-based clothing, by creating awareness on why this should be everyone’s choice of clothing – in order to protect the planet and ourselves in the process.


Sustainability is about knowing who made our products, what they’re made from and where they go when they are worn out. That’s traceability. And it’s one of the reasons we work together with Teemill to manufacture our products. It’s not just that the supply chain is certified organic, it means that we can see where our products get printed, and meet people like these happy chaps. People who have worked on the fields and in the factories that supply our organic cotton. So, when you shop from us, together, we know we’re all part of the solution to this thing called sustainability – not part of the problem.”

When buying your own clothes or your child’s, choose wisely. Make sure that no animal was slaughtered in the manufacturing process of the item and that none suffers after – with clothing material contaminating the source of their drinking water. After all, not everyone is a vegetarian and those whose meat source is the same pool of affected animals are inadvertently poisoning themselves with what they wear. CHOOSE WELL!


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