Directors and managers at Tops Day Nurseries have been discussing how to encourage the use of real nappies in their nurseries for a while. The advantages for parents using real nappies are that they are cheaper in the long run, meaning savings of up to £600 a year! Other benefits include the fact that a child is likely to be potty trained at an earlier age, that real nappies are much, much better for the natural world and that they will save local communities a significant amount of money as well.

Dealing with nappy waste forms about 4% of every domestic rates bill, whether there are children in the property or not. A reduction in the use of single-use (disposable) nappies is therefore in everyone’s interest!

As a result Tops will be providing a hamper of real nappies to every member of staff with a baby or toddler under 2 years, for them to try them out and report their findings; also included in the hamper will be an eco egg and some enzyme powder (the cheapest, most effective way to wash real nappies).

In addition to saving them money, the company hopes nursery staff will then be able to support parents to make a similar changes.

Tops plan to run a real nappy library and produce some online training through GECCO, and have applied to Waitrose and Truidos Bank for funding to help with the project.