London 2020

The first GECCO Early Years Eco-Sustainability Conference ran at the Nursery World Show in London, Saturday 8th February. It was a great success with a wide variety of information being shared by both speakers and attendees.

The event was due to be repeated at Nursery World North in Manchester on 24th April; unfortunately that was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For those unable to attend the London conference, and who may have booked for Manchester, you will find below presentations from the three sessions held during the day; we hope you find them useful and informative.

But first, here’s a 14 minute conversation Cheryl had with Matt Arnerich from Famly prior to the event, about her own journey in sustainability, and how settings can work to be more sustainable every day.

GECCO Early Years Eco-Sustainability Conference

Session One

Cheryl Hadland introduces the day’s programme, GECCO and sustainability. Followed by a presentation from Mark Bird of the Childbase Partnership

Session Two

The afternoon started with the much-anticipated launch of the Early Years Eco Wheel Scheme by Nicky Edwards – owner of Natural Choice Nurseries and NDND Network Chair –  who developed the ‘Take Action Toolkit’ with her husband Frank, GECCO and Early Years colleagues in the Bristol area

Session Two pt.2

Session Two continued with Dominic Tantram of Terrafiniti, followed by Vicky Finn of PACEY. We then heard about the benefits of green energy and water efficiency with presentations from Green Energy UK and South West Water

Session Two pt.3

The presentations below wouldn’t transfer successfully to a Google Slideshow, so they are presented as pdf documents for download; SaveMoneyCut Carbon and Triodos Bank

Session Three

After Q&As and a break the afternoon continued with four further presentations from ‘The Nappy Lady’ Wendy Richards on behalf of the Nappy Alliance, TG Escapes – the advantages of natural eco-buildings, Wessex Eco Energy – solar power for fleet vehicles, and BioVation on sustainable purchasing.